Australian Education System
for International Students

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The Australian education system is broadly divided into the university, vocational, school and English language sectors.

Study English in Australia

English languages courses are undertaken for study, travel, immigration or business purposes. There are around 100 private English language centers in Australia provide accredited English Language courses and programs recognized by education and immigration authorities throughout the world. Some universities and TAFE institutes also offer English language courses.

Those selected English language courses for example:

General English
IELTS preparation
English for Academic Purposes
Cambridge Exam preparation
Business English

Vocational Education and Training Institutions [Diploma]

Vocational Education and Training programs (VET) are available through private colleges and TAFE institutes. Programs available at these institutions provide knowledge in a specialized discipline for the purpose of getting a job in the related industry or pursuing further studies to university in the same discipline. Many courses provide advanced standing into university degrees. This program is use as framework into student further study, including diploma and degree programs. This give more advantages to international student where is the framework of education very different compare to Australian education program.

These are the VET program:

Certificate I/II/III/IV
Advanced Diploma

Study Australian Universities in Australia

University is highest level of study in Australia. There are 41 universities in total – 38 public (government funded) and three private. Australian universities offer undergraduate (Bachelor degree) and post graduate degree (Graduate Certificate, Diploma, Master, PhD) and diploma courses to international students. These are programs offered in University:

Foundation year

Foundation Studies is a special course developed to prepare international student for entry into undergraduate programs at University. The course is designed for students who would like to pursue their studies in the faculties of Arts, Information Technology, Business and Applied Science.


An undergraduate degree (sometimes called a first degree or simply a degree) which is offer at a higher education institution, such as university. Undergraduate degree is normally offered from 3 to 5 years depending on the universities curriculum. Some students may be able to complete their studies earlier if they have had previous equivalent qualification in the same major; known as RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning). Duration of the course can be reduced by 30 to 40 per cent, depending on the university’s policy. Some universities could also give consideration in giving credits for equivalent course was done overseas.


Postgraduate courses of study are generally for students who have already completed an undergraduate degree. A postgraduate course of study is a:

graduate certificate
graduate diploma
masters degree, or
doctoral degree

Students may take 1 to 2 years to complete postgraduate degree. There are two types of learning choices in postgraduate program, there are coursework and research.
Coursework program are usually consist of numbers of modules and units, which are assessed by a mixture of continuous assessment and exams. There will be set amount of contact time with the lecturer, which will take the form of seminars, tutorials, lectures and one to one contact with member of the department.
Research degrees are usually assessed entirely by a piece of individual research and an oral deference of the work in front of an examining board. This program is generally offered in Master and Doctorates degree. The duration of Research Degree is approximately 1 to 4 years.


The Doctor of Philosophy course prepares student for the research effort as focus of the dissertation effort. The doctoral dissertation requires original research, which adds to the body of knowledge in the field of study. It is a formal academic document reflecting the candidate’s thorough understanding of the topic studied. The course results in a detailed research methodology suitable to guide the subsequent research. Each course is identified by the student in consultation with the supervision professor.



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